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6 – Sophie Lay is a creative writing student at the University of Gloucestershire, and has performed her work at the Cheltenham Literature Festival and Cheltenham Poetry Festival. Cultivate was inspired by her suspicion of rejuvenation and gentrification projects.

11 – Adam Day is an American poet and critic, and the recipient of a PEN Emerging Writers Award. Day’s poetry collection, Model of a City in Civil War, is published by Sarabande Books. is written in the voice of Donald Trump.

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Popshot MagazineLeitura de 8 mins
Dust To Dust
The first patch appeared when Cara was ten. Ma rubbed at it with a washcloth, stiff and abrasive, it had been strung up with a wooden peg. The material carried the scar, an inflexible notch in the roughened fabric. Ma puffed. A strand of grey hair li
Popshot MagazineLeitura de 11 mins
Lungs Of The Earth
“Fuck trees,” Cassandra Darnet, President of the UN Economic Council said as she scowled at the devastated wastelands of the Amazon basin from a hill studded with charred tree stumps. “We got a shitload of energy around us. Sun. Waves. Wind. It’s eve
Popshot MagazineLeitura de 2 mins
Terra Relicta
We don’t touch any more. At the beginning–well, you can’t remember how it was. But I will never forget. Those first days, it was hard to say where I ended and you began. You were the most mine thing I had and yet, always, only ever yourself. With you