have such a strong character that we often identify them with a certain song, band or even an entire era. 6th chords, like the ones featured here were loved by The Beatles, from their rock ’n’ roll early days through to their final recordings for the album. But what gives a 6th chord its unique sound?

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Tech Spec
ORIGIN: USA TYPE: Chorus/vibrato pedal FEATURES: True bypass CONTROLS: Rate, Depth, Lag, D-C-V blend, Div switch (quarter note, eighth note or quarter triplet), Shape switch, Bypass footswitch, Tap footswitch, internal DIP switches for Tap or Expr
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Next Month
The hitmaker supreme on rhythm guitar and his allegiance to Strats It’s tiaras and tantrums all the way as we sort 2020’s best from the rest Two models from the company’s most venerated ranges put to the test Next issue on sale: 11 December 2020 ■
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Hole In One
After finishing three years’ studying guitar-making, in 2011 I moved into my first workshop in Deptford, London. With only a handful of guitar builds under my belt and a slew of more experienced luthiers already in business in the big city, I decided