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Conditioning the data displayed

You can use several methods to display the data clearly, and so others can easily understand it. For example, you can filter the data to show smooth values, rather than all the bumps or high-frequency vibration the sensor may log. Be

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Bar Talk
TECHNOLOGY – SLIP ANGLE In previous OptimumG articles, we have discussed how to define springs and dampers. We then took a little detour to talk about ‘magic numbers’, especially anti-roll stiffness distribution, a necessary step in determining fron
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Gianni Lancia must have followed the 1956 Formula 1 World Championship with a certain level of bemusement. His rivals of old, Scuderia Ferrari, won five of the seven grands prix in which the team competed, and Ferrari driver, Juan Manuel Fangio, was
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Pat Symonds, F1’s technical director, says Formula 1 considered bespoke fuels to maximise performance before deciding on ‘drop-in’ fuels, which replace existing fuels with minimal modifications required to the existing power units. Why, and what are