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Cast your mind back to the first time you started programming a track in whichever DAW you worked with. There was a tingle of excitement for every one of us that came from realising that, despite liking the notes we’d programmed, we weren’t sure the sound was quite right – and that we could change it. Being able to swap a sound – either by selecting a similar yet

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Quick Tips
1 In some of our walkthroughs, the convolution reverbs we’ve been using contain further effects stages, including volume and filter envelopes and dedicated EQ stages. Don’t worry if your chosen convolution reverb plugin doesn’t offer these – simply a
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Generate New Musical Ideas In Ableton Live
It can be easy to get bored when programming loop-based elements of a composition. Often the simplest ideas are the best, but sometimes only really come alive with some creative effect processing. This approach will explore how we can use generative
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Album Reviews
London-based brothers Reginald Omas Mamode IV and Jeen Bassa have come together to form a fascinating new project, Mama Odé. Reginald Omas Mamode IV’s innovative, soulful sound over his previous three solo albums have garnered him widespread acclaim