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Go stereo!

All signals throughout The Grid are stereo. By default, you’re unlikely to hear this in action, since the majority of modules process the left and

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Make Decisions Early
“Having near infinite computing power, sound sources and processing tools leads to creative blocks. Often, I’m my worst enemy, when I start second guessing everything. To prevent just that I started committing to audio very early in the process of co
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Plugin Hosting
You don’t just have to rely on your DAW’s rack system to get complex jollies out of combining third-party effects. There are a few plugins that have plugin-hosting abilities, and a few offer signal routing to combine those plugins in a rack-style way
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Like It? Try These…
The way that Roxy Music mix drums and bass on this album heavily influenced the Soulwax joints Compute and Slowdance. ADD THESE TO YOUR PLAYLIST: Manifesto, Trash, Dance Away The 12” that coined the term ‘Nite Versions’. If no one else can remix