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with a lot of high-end gear here. Our cupboard is bursting with premium processors, expensive graphics cards, superfast SSDs, feature-rich mobos, and everything else that goes into producing the best machines we can put our minds to. If we need to build a rig for a specific use, we can generally lay our

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The Console Connection
One of the many highlights of the two new games consoles from Microsoft is a new approach to storage and indeed a greater focus on storage performance. Happily, the technologies involved are going to spill over to the PC. Most notable is Microsoft’s
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Looking Forward
WE’VE FINALLY MADE IT to 2021! And with that, I’ve gathered the very best technological minds I could find to figure out what exactly is going to launch in the next 12 months. From GPUs, to processors, to SSDs, cooling, and more, 2021 is going to be
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Apple’s M1 Generation
APPLE’S MOVE away from x 86 architecture has begun in earnest with the release of the first batch of machines sporting the Apple-designed M1 processor. This isn’t the first time Apple has jumped horses—it started out using Motorola chips in 1983, and