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With a new decade dawning, we are set to enter the twenties once more. The 1920s were a time of change, optimism, prosperity and celebration after the First World War; a time when the world was recovering, rebuilding and pushing forward with a need for hope and a desire for fun, frivolity and exuberance. The Roaring Twenties saw new technologies and a modern way of life develop. The Jazz Age (a term thought to be coined by F Scott Fitzgerald) and a golden era for Hollywood saw a glamorous lifestyle celebrated in popular culture and art deco reaching its pinnacle.

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“About 25 years ago I was working as a doctor and had a young child. When I realised that combining hospital medicine with family life was, for me, a no-go, I decided to act upon a lifelong interest in plants and volunteer at Christopher Lloyd’s reno
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Few places have been as cherished as our gardens over the past year or so. No matter how large or small, whether rural or urban, they have offered us relief from the strains of this uncertain period. The rush on garden centres and nurseries over the