So, you use Windows. You’re in a slowly shrinking but still three-quarters majority, so it’s not a surprise: Windows users are ubiquitous. Almost as ubiquitous as people complaining about Windows, because macOS and Linux users do that, too.

Whatever your gripes, the thought of

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Rip Audiobooks With Fre:ac
The buttons provide shortcuts to frequently accessed tools and settings, including the all-important rip button. All tracks requiring processing are listed here. Use the controls on the left to quickly select all, deselect all or invert selection. Al
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HOW TO Install Ubuntu with Windows
To create an empty partition for your Ubuntu installation, you’ll first have to squeeze your existing Windows partition. Fire up the Disk Management tool in Windows, and right-click your main partition that’s typically assigned the drive letter C. Th
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Link To Pilot
As anyone who already owns an AMD GPU will probably be aware, AMD’s free Radeon Software received a major boost last year, both in terms of available features and a shiny new aesthetic upgrade that unified the visual style of AMD’s various software o