number crunch

60% – meaning it would take an attacker over a hundred million guesses before identifying the correct password – according to figures from Google Password Checker.

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Synology HAT5300 12TB NAS hard drive
Synology has been synonymous with NAS for some twenty years but it’s never made the drives that actually go inside its devices. Now, it’s selling branded, NAS-optimised hard disks and locking some of its NAS buyers into using them. What’s going on? F
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Nvidia Throttles Crypto Hash Rate On RTX 3060s To Address GPU Shortage
JOEL BURGESS When not reviewing PCs for APC and writing our funny pages, Joel likes to ponder tech and how it’s used. Next generation GPUs have been difficult to get a hold of since launching in 2020. Whether it’s the global shortage of silicon, imp
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Western Digital Black SN850 1TB
It seems like it was just yesterday that we were wondering when traditional HDD manufacturers like Western Digital were going to enter the SSD market. And enter it did. After the acquisition of SanDisk, WD became one of undisputed leaders in the SSD