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Ancient but not primitive

UMANS AND fish evolved from a common ancestor. Early humans appeared on the planet just 6 million years ago and modern humans not until

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Sugar Wharf, Port Douglas
WITH ITS WHITE timber shed shimmering against blue skies and rainforest-clad hills, the old sugar wharf on Dickson Inlet in Port Douglas is an eyecatching sight for tourists returning to the town’s sleek, modern marina each afternoon after excursions
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Koala Facts
Scientific name: Phascolarctos cinereus Common name: koala is an Indigenous word meaning “no water” Drinking: it used to be thought koalas don’t actively drink, getting enough moisture from the leaves they eat. It’s now known they do drink and can su
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Easter’s Timing
MOST OF US think of Easter as something to do with chocolate Easter eggs. But after a few years of celebrating Easter we begin to realise that, unlike Christmas or Anzac Day, it doesn’t happen on the same date each year. In fact, Easter can happen an