the parameters of a penthouse apartment and the clients’ beloved collection of art, furniture and travel artefacts presented interior designer Adelaide Bragg with a challenge to conjure a space that celebrates these elements in On a tree-lined street close to Melbourne’s Royal Botanic Gardens, this airy apartment was designed by one of the city’s best-known architects, Wayne Gillespie. It is typical of his style – structurally strong with a pleasing floor plan and scale. We worked with our clients to update the interiors but retain the strong foundation of the layout. Working with the clients’ existing pieces took me on a journey a little different to my usual style and I enjoyed the challenge. More masculine, less pretty, but with my signature layering, the schemes are very tonal, earthy and textural to complement and balance all their lovely accessories and pieces. This project is a successful example of working collaboratively with clients who have a good existing collection. Eclectic and layered, the interiors successfully marry the clients’ pieces, displayed to best advantage, with a polished and elegant scheme coming together in a sophisticated whole that still reflects the inhabitants. The artefacts and art were a major consideration in selecting the overall palette. The earthy, tonal layering used throughout forms a perfect foil for the stronger colours found in some of the artworks. The wonderful painting by Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri provides important elements of colour, dramatically reflected in the linen of the dining chairs. Occasional strong pops of colour are also seen in a cushion, a lamp base or a rug, resulting in an overall pleasing balance. I love the salon hang in the study that lends an air of quiet intimacy and marries an eclectic array of smaller artworks. They were delighted that the apartment perfectly reflects them and celebrates their collections. Their gatherings are centred on the family room and courtyard, and it truly is a warm and happy home.

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