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Multi-Purpose Switch Debouncer

Got noisy switches? WB9YBM has a project using low-cost, easy-to-find parts to let you use digital logic to simulate their function and save you the cost of buying high-end replacement switches. The circuit provides some side benefits as well.

We’ve all come across electrically noisy switches (otherwise known as “switch bounce”) — either because good quality switches have become worn out or because we tried to save some money by not buying high-end devices to begin with.

How do we fix that without having to spend a fortune on top-end switches (or just. One way to make a switch debouncer is shown in . Half of a dual monostable timer U1 (4538) is used in a leading edge non-retriggerable mode. When the normally open momentary switch (S1) is depressed, a positive-going signal is applied to the monostable and a clean pulse (as determined by T=RC) is available at the “Q” output (“A” on the schematic), simulating a clean, momentary +V signal to the downstream circuit (for such things as a reset pulse, start pulse, etc.). At the same time, the not-Q output of the 4538 (“B” on the schematic) has the opposite logic (a momentary 0-volt signal for the downstream circuit) as would be provided by a momentary normally-closed push-button switch connected to +V). In other words, we not only provide a switch debouncer, but we can also simulate both a normally-closed or a normally-open momentary switch. This provides a few benefits: For example, if you need one type of switch for use in your project and have only the other type in your parts bin, you’re covered. Secondly, several of the parts suppliers I’ve come across offer quantity discounts for 5-10 items of the same type, so if you use momentary switches in a lot of projects, you need to buy only one type to get the best chance at making use of those quantity discounts.

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