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Great Inventions of Cycling… 1980s: Training zones

nce upon a time there were four universally recognised cycle training intensities. There was ‘easy’, which was just casual noodling while chatting to your

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Intermittent Vo2
Sports scientist Alex Welburn ( says: “This is a great session if you will be producing repeated short efforts under fatigue, e.g. like a crit, to develop your ability to produce repeated explosive efforts while accumulating fatigue.
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El Muchacho Misterioso
When Egan Bernal became the youngest Tour de France winner in over a century, there was a near universal declaration of him being the Grand Tour star of his generation who would now rule the sport. Less voiced was the concern in some quarters about h
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Ones To Watch
Most likely to cause havoc on a decent Bilbao’s daredevil descending effectively won him a stage at the Tour of the Alps, when he caught up to the leaders on a steep downhill before beating them in a sprint. Along with team-mate and fellow technician