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Mixolydian solo with Pentatonic scales

In this current series, we have been using medium-paced solo studies as vehicles to apply various useful Pentatonic scales that reside within Mixolydian. So far, we’ve studied those whose root notes stem from the root, 2nd and 3rd notes of Mixolydian; so, now it’s time to turn our attention to useful Pentatonics that stem from the 4th note. Remember, the purpose of trying to extract various triads, arpeggios and Pentatonics from within a scale is to provide us with fresh musical perspectives. Each new perspective not only sounds different, but will make us play in a different way too.


When extracting Pentatonic scales (which always have five notes) from a seven-note scale like Mixolydian, one could simply choose to

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The players we are looking at use a whole range of guitars, amps and effects in their playing, and of course have very different approaches. So all of the pickup and effects selections we’ve used are notated at the start of each piece for reference.