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In this issue we tackle a work by the Argentine guitarist and educator Julio Sagreras (1879-1942). Sagreras was deeply embedded in guitar culture; both of his parents were professional guitarists and he was taught by them from an early age, even taking part in their concerts by the age of six. He started his formal training at age 12 and became a professor by the age of 20, a published composer soon after, and formed his own music academy

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When it comes to practising, most of us are pushed for time so how can we be sure we are improving our technique if we have no time for exercises and scales? We can use our pieces as our technical study; Practise in small sections – especially the mo
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Food For Thought
I’ve been drooling over guitars for 40 years now. And more than ever before, the finest guitars are presented to us in wonderful high-definition images. And seductive reviews make it very hard to resist. But buying without trying? I have been saying
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