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Acoustic Energy AE300

AE tradition, the constituent parts of the AE300 include a 25mm aluminium tweeter partnered to a 125mm aluminium mid/bass driver. The modern twist comes in the way it’s implemented. The tweeter is set within a waveguide that the

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Everybody Hertz
Back in 1864, a Scottish physicist and mathematician by the name of James Maxwell, postulated that electromagnetic waves could propagate through free space. But it took nearly a quarter of a century more for a German physicist, Heinrich Hertz, to act
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True Nobility
PRICE: £140-£2,900 AVAILABLE: NOW WEB: KSDISTRIBUTION.CO.UK NOBLE, THE TEXAS-BASED custom and universal IEM specialist, has partnered with audio distributor KS Distribution in a deal to make the company’s universal-fit in-ear monitor and true wireles
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The Funk Firm Houdini decoupler
WARP BACK TO the Seventies when LP records were king of the world. The format’s best-selling year was 1975 – ably assisted by the release of Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells – and by the end of the decade record players ruled the hi-fi roost. The result