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blocker-ring synchronizers. These assemblies consist of three rings with friction pads. During a shift, they wedge inside themselves and act as a clutch, slowing the two gears before they engage. They synchronize the connecting

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Role Model
Or impact, encouragement, guidance—any way you define it, the lives we lead and the paths we take can be thoroughly directed by the people responsible for bringing us into this world. Our parents are usually our first and foremost leaders in life, st
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How to Build a Pro Touring 1967 Chevy Nova in One Week
It takes a lot to build a car in a week: a lot of planning, a lot of parts on hand, and a lot of teamwork and cooperation. Adding to an already complex set of circumstances was COVID-19 and the necessary safety precautions it necessitated. Neverthele
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Installing Aftermarket Pedals And Determining The Correct Ratio.
Our classics are typically a balancing act between form and function, and though many factory parts work just fine in our modified cars, sometimes we crave something that just, to be blunt, looks better. Pedals and pedal covers would fall into this c