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a collaboration agreement with world powerboat champion Fabio Buzzi and his FB Design firm, Bergamo-based Besenzoni is looking forward to 2019 and what the future holds in store. Since the start of this year, the two companies have

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In Brief
CANADA | Boating BC has awarded more than $20,000 in grants and sponsorships to support a wide range of initiatives designed to boost recreational boating in the province of British Columbia. Each year the association provides financial support to no
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Smarter Engines - Cleaner Boats
WHILST THE PLANET as a whole is moving steadily towards cleaner energy, diesel and petrol engines continue to provide the best long-range solution for propelling fast or heavy boats. Although there have been significant advances in hybrids and all-el
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Differentiating On Authenticity
The leisure marine industry is a crowded space, and even more so in today’s age of multinational corporations and online retail, where customers can order goods from the other side of the world and have them delivered to their door within 24 hours. B