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Would it surprise you to learn that as a 41-year-old married woman with two children, a full-time job and a gastric erosion caused by stress and eating ibuprofen for breakfast, I don’t feel 100 per cent hot for it all the time? That, occasionally, I would rather eat pasta or watch Big Little Lies on a weeknight than explore the pleasures of the flesh with the man I love? And that if, on those occasions he happened to suggest it, I would burst into tears and sob, “Are you insane? I’ve finished all my jobs for today. Why would you give me more work to do?” That if he ever actually woke me up to have sex, I would punch my husband of 19 years in the face?

I suspect not.

It doesn’t surprise Michaela Boehm, a therapist and relationship guru who recently made headlines as Gwyneth Paltrow’s “intimacy coach”. That’s right, GP has an intimacy coach.

Women not wanting sex is Boehm’s area of expertise, although intimacy was never her intended specialty. She trained in forensic and trauma therapy, “but from a young age I had a very strong sense that there wasn’t

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