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. , Tchaikovsky’s dark, complex work, was given lavish treatment by the Metropolitan Opera, with elaborate costumes and sets appropriate to its 18th-century setting. The, with a voice that is “creamy in texture, but with a silvery shimmer that gives it a penetrating spine”.

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New Zealand ListenerLeitura de 4 mins
Plague And Houses
It’s starting to feel a lot like we’ve already had Christmas and we’re now at the naggy, draggy New Year’s resolution reality-facing stage of the year. In a glorious, blazing couple of weeks, we got two promising coronavirus vaccines, a brilliant new
New Zealand ListenerLeitura de 3 minsAmerican Government
Being Trump
This year, I went as Donald Trump to a Halloween party and got to walk in the shoes of the controversial US President. A decade earlier, I’d had the rare opportunity to meet the former reality-TV star in Las Vegas while covering the Trump-owned Miss
New Zealand ListenerLeitura de 4 minsPolitics
House-price Fail
If you were grading the Government’s handling of the Covid-19 crisis so far, you’d probably give it an A minus. Apart from a few unfortunate blunders at the border and at isolation facilities and with the aid of the country’s natural protective moat,