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he holidays are my favorite time of the year. How can you not love a season that’s all about family, friends, and tradition? In our multicultural family, we blend Greek and American customs to create a unique celebration that my

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Coming up Roses
One of Florida’s showiest natives, these ornate blossoms are lightly fragranced and often play host to the “the magnificent zebra longwing butterfly,” says Kim Frisbie, a member of the Garden Club of Palm Beach. “If you have passionflowers, you are g
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Small Bites
Chef Andrew Bennardo, affectionately known as Chef Baba, is on a quest. “It would be my dream to dedicate my remaining life and career to educating children, parents, and schools on how to eat healthier,” says the culinary instructor. His passion was
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Good Morning
After a complicated pregnancy and battle with postpartum depression, business strategist, speaker, and Lake Worth Beacher Tiffany Lanier realized that taking time each morning to process all she was facing was vital to her growth and healing. This le