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Finished Size: 18" x 18"

Material Requirements

□ 9½" square cream woven for appliqué background□ 10½" square teal/brown plaid for center block□ 7" x 14" dark brown print for block border□ Variety of blue and green prints or plaids for Log Cabin frame: 1 – 2½" x 12½" strip, 2 – 2½" x 14½" strips, 2 – 2½" x 16½" strips, and 1 – 2½" x 18½" strip□ ⅛ yard muslin for word patches□ 1½" x 2¾" cream with tan dot for bird wing (can substitute with wool)□ 1" x 5" (or larger depending on motif) black print for urn dots□ 1" x 4" ripped brown solid for□ ⅙ yard light green print for binding□ ⅝ yard fabric of choice for backing□ 2½" x 5½" gray wool for urn and pedestal base□ 1½" x 3½" gray check wool for urn pedestal□ 2" x 6½" dark gray plaid wool for urn rim□ 3" x 4½" tan wool for bird□ 2¾" x 3½" contrast tan wool for tail□ 2" x 5" black wool for base of pennies□ 1" x 3" blue or green wool for top of pennies□ Embroidery floss for appliqué and embroidery□ Clover Press Perfect ironing guide (optional)□ Freezer paper

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