April 2005

“Less than two weeks after a 40-foot wave flattened swaths of Southeast Asia, the United States slapped a new round of tariffs on India and Thailand. As the federal government promised $350 million and private citizens pledged even more, the message to survivors was clear: Have our Marines, our pity, and our cash, but for the love of God,

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Should Biden’s Choice For Secretary Of State Discourage Libertarians?
IF HIS SELECTION of Antony Blinken as secretary of state is any indication, President Joe Biden’s promised return to normality will extend to his administration’s foreign policy. A veteran of the U.S. State Department and Democratic Party foreign pol
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How to Take Shrooms
SO LET’S SAY psilocybin mushrooms are newly decriminalized where you live, and you are now open to having your first psychedelic experience. Allow me to share some of the practical knowledge I have gleaned from talking to experts and old heads, readi
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Expand Your Marijuana Reform Ambitions
UNLIKE MOST OF the candidates for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination (including his eventual running mate), Joe Biden opposes federal legalization of marijuana. Instead, he says he wants to “decriminalize cannabis use,” expunge the records r