June 2004

“So, how’s it going in Iraq? No, really. As we learn to measure the U.S. engagement there in years and (let’s face reality) decades, only this much seems absolutely beyond question: On a very basic level, it’s virtually impossible to know whether the occupation is going well or horribly wrong. This is above and beyond the question of whether

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The Not-So-Great Society
IN 1964, PRESIDENT Lyndon Johnson announced plans for what he called “the Great Society,” a sweeping set of programs that would represent the most ambitious and far-reaching expansion of the federal government since Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New De
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Editor in Chief Katherine Mangu-Ward (, Publisher Mike Alissi (, Editors at Large Nick Gillespie (, Matt Welch (, Managing Editor Stephanie Slade (, Art Di
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Understanding Ellison
I FIRST MET THE American novelist Ralph Ellison in the summer of 1963, when he gave a reading to a small audience at Columbia University. Beside me was the critic Stanley Edgar Hyman, who introduced me to the author. Since I then lived at the souther