Although survival is undeniably a physical challenge, the mental aspect is often even tougher to overcome. The most obvious mental challenges occur in the heat of the moment — for example, struggling to maintain focus, stay calm, and surmount hopelessness in a desperate

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Drop Dead
In the post-Sept. 11 era of the U.S. PATRIOT Act, the level of scrutiny given to electronic communication, by both government and criminals alike, is so intense as to be the butt of cocktail party jokes. The slew of memes, comedy sketches, and sarcas
RECOIL OFFGRIDLeitura de 7 mins
Iconic Survival Knife Designs
If there was ever a quintessential American knife design, it would have to be the Bowie knife. Its murky origins have a mysterious shroud, but once word of this knife got out, people had to have one. When westward expansion began and folks had to sur
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The Moscow Rules
There’s a bit of lore that runs through certain circles in the clandestine operations community. It originated during the Cold War, meant as guidance for allied agents operating in the heart of Soviet territory. It’s known as The Moscow Rules. While