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Where did the idea of using Arcade Game Designer in the classroom come from?

I have been developing the teaching of programming for several years. Although there are many excellent tools out there to help build coding skills, there is no major end product to bring all of these skills together and

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Silhouette Mirage
■ In a world where everyone has been mutated into polarised silhouette or mirage forms, Shyna is the only one who can set things right. Actually, that should be left and right, since her attacks are also polarised based on the direction she’s facing
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Hedgehog Sanctuary
This month’s collector may be familiar to you, as she’s very active in the retro gaming community. Chances are you’ll have come across Retro Faith via her social media activity or YouTube channel, where she posts reviews, retrospectives and more. She
Retro GamerLeitura de 1 mins
Bangai-o Spirits
■ The sequel to Bangai-O adds plenty of new weaponry, as well as the ability to knock enemies backwards with melee weapons like the baseball bat, potentially causing a domino effect. It also adds a completely new cast, though there’s not much of a st