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The Conductors
▶ 432 pages | Paperback/ebook/audiobook ▶ Author Nicole Glover ▶ Publisher Del Rey There are many stories to be told about the brave men and women who helped enslaved Africans escape captivity in the American Deep South. But there are fictional tales
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The Heiress
Plenty of horrors have played with the idea that their protagonist might be delusional rather than haunted, but few go as far as The Heiress. There’s a scene in which a priest is denied access to a woman committed to a mental health facility because
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Digital Witch
WHISPER IT QUIETLY LEST traditional Japanese animation fans get wind, but Ghibli, the Tokyo-based studio behind such acclaimed hand-drawn classics as Spirited Away, My Neighbor Totoro and Howl’s Moving Castle, is going digital. Earwig And The Witch i