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Fausti DEA British SL

When you work at a shooting school and are fortunate enough to handle and shoot all sorts of exotica, it’s not often something really impresses you in terms of value, appearance and handling. The Fausti DEA British SL does just that. What Fausti seems to have grasped at this level is the buyer wants a gun built to

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A Bird Collector’s Gun
Just beside my village is a large area of natural wetland, a boggy ground with shallow water, rushes and willow. It is teaming with bird life and I well remember as a boy, full of trepidation, trying to wade into it to collect birds’ eggs. As was the
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Did You Hear About?
After everything that 2020 brought it is important to have things to look forward to in 2021. With the partridge and pheasant shooting season closing after 1 February, you might think that the opportunities to step out onto the hallowed turf of your
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