Beyond the Basics

Many times, I’ve wished I could step away from the helm of my boat but still control the engines from a better vantage point, or from where I wanted to handle a line. I was, therefore, eager to try Dockmate’s wireless remote system.

Dockmate has installed several thousand systems worldwide since 2012, but the brand just came to the

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Talkin’ Boats With Steve White
Steve White is president of Brooklin Boat Yard in Brooklin, Maine, a full-service facility on Eggemoggin Reach between Blue Hill and Penobscot bays that specializes in wooden boat design, construction and repair. White’s father, designer Joel White,
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Boat Smarts
Situated about 40 miles north-northwest of Seattle, Washington, and sandwiched between Port Townsend and Discovery bays, is the Quimper Peninsula, an area that’s home to one of the most diverse traditional boatbuilding communities in the Pacific Nort
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1. DECK GENERAL: A “sheepshank” is used to: A. Keep a line from fraying B. Join lines of unequal sizes C. Stop off a line D. Shorten a line 2. DECK GENERAL: A long splice in a line: A. Is used in running rigging B. Doubles the size of the line C. Is