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The great human migration

“Different migration patterns saw the species split”

Ancient artwork

emnants of our ancestors’ artwork can portray aspects of their lifestyles, showing signs of humans beginning to focus on thoughts beyond survival. The famous animal artwork in Lascaux, France, marks the

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What’s Happening On… Social Media?
This month on Instagram we asked you: what animal fascinates you the most? @francodetejada Mantis shrimp, because it’s an awesome animal with lots of cool features @kevinmansley Tigers. They seem very reserved and shy animals, but at the same
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Seasonal Cycles
When temperatures rise above nine degrees Celsius, honey bees emerge from their hives. Having used much of the stored honey, they search for flowers. The queen yellowjacket emerges from hibernation and searches for a safe place to build her nest. The
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Oceanic Dead Zones
Along coastlines around the world are stretches of water where marine life is suffocating below the surface. As the name suggests, these ‘dead zones’ are areas where few species are able to survive or thrive. However, they are far from being complete