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Alien life is something that everyone ponders at some point. It has allowed science fiction writers and film makers a creative licence, with actors and actresses dressed up in some very questionable attire. However, the truth is that there are so many variables when it comes to creating life, no one can

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How It WorksLeitura de 2 minsPsychology
Meerkats Happy To See Zoo Visitors Return
When humans flooded the zoo in South Africa after months of lockdown, the African penguins couldn’t have cared less about it. Meanwhile, the bubbly slender-tailed meerkats at a zoo in the UK seemed uplifted by their bipedal visitors. Researchers stud
How It WorksLeitura de 2 minsTechnology & Engineering
Stanford Ovshinsky
You might not know much about Stanford Ovshinsky, but you are sure to have encountered his work. He is behind the batteries in our smartphones, the flat screen televisions on our walls and the rise of electric vehicles. Many of his inventions arose f
How It WorksLeitura de 2 minsPhysics
Earth May Have A Hidden Core
New research finds that there may be a hidden layer inside the Earth’s solid inner core – an inner-inner core, if you will. The precise nature of this layer is mysterious, but it could have something to do with changes in the structure of iron under