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James Horton

Former HIW member James is a biochemist and biotechnologist. He is currently doing a PhD in machine learning and evolutionary theory.

Jo Stass

Writer and editor Jo is particularly interested in the

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How It WorksLeitura de 8 mins
How Space Tech Benefits Earth
When you purchase a desktop computer, a mouse will usually also be included. However, that wasn’t always the case. The mouse was created by American engineer Doug Engelbart back in the late 1960s for the Stanford Research Institute. Engelbart’s resea
How It WorksLeitura de 2 minsBiology
New Fungi Turns Flies Into Zombies Before Eating Them From The Inside
Two newly discovered fungi species have a similarly macabre mode of action: they eat flies alive while using them to drop spores on new victims. The related species, Strongwellsea tigrinae and Strongwellsea acerosa, attack the fly species Coenosia ti
How It WorksLeitura de 9 minsChemistry
Electromagnetic (EM) radiation is incredibly useful. It enables us to transmit music wirelessly over large distances, cook food in our microwaves and see the world around us in vivid detail. However, now more than ever, electromagnetic radiation is a