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Some people are born with the renovation bug and can’t resist a project when it comes their way. When homeowners Phil Neely and his partner, Richard Babb, had a chance to snag a home near Santa Fe, New Mexico, they took it as a sign that their next e
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Brand Leader: Jickie Torres Senior Editor: Lindsay Jarvis Managing Editor: Anne Brink Digital Brand Manager: Kris Christensen Design Director: Gabby Oh Shelby Deering, Kristin Dowding, Anna Marcum, Devlin Smith, Kathryn Drury Wagner Rickie Agapito
Atomic RanchLeitura de 3 mins
Taking on the renovation of a midcentury home is always a challenge. In Fullerton, California, there's added pressure when the homes are a beloved local symbol of a bygone era. Fullerton's 'Forever Homes' are a series of quintessentially modern midce