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A-Frame Escape

From the time he was a small boy up to his late 20s, Curtis Popp’s family had enjoyed a lakefront cabin in Homewood, on the west shore of Lake Tahoe. He dreamed of buying a home himself in that idyllic

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offer so many of the amenities 21st-century homeowners crave, including open floor plans and stylish storage solutions. But even for homeowners who adore their vintage homes, their kitchens may still be lacking some much-needed features, like abundan
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Transform your wall space into an art museum. We’ll show you where to look to create your own gallery wall. Layer up your bedroom with warm wood furniture, neutral bedding, and storage to keep clutter out of view. Find more inspiration for serene, m
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With their two boys grown up, Matt and Susie Bailey felt it was time to make their dream of owning a mid century house a reality. Susie, a retired aesthetician, and Matt, an investor and Adjunct Professor of Business at the University of California,