Atomic Ranch

Beyond the Big Box

LIKE THE REST OF THEIR MODERN HOME, the kitchen/dining room in Blake Siler and Lincoln Bogard’s 1960s ranch went through an awkward phase, one in which it had a Tuscan makeover. Thanks to careful styling

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Modern Comforts
A fire flickering in a Malm fireplace. A hot toddy while you kick back in an Eames lounge chair. The crackle and pop of an old record playing while you wrap presents on your Hey Wake dining table. The best thing about winter is being stuck inside and
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Cleared VISION
Nearly 60 years ago, Donald H. Holden, a doctor, and his wife, Vivian, a swim cap designer for Jantzen, commissioned John Storrs to design a home for their family just outside of Portland. The Holdens lived in the home for 40 years before selling to
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Rising From The Ashes
“I believe strongly in the law of attraction. Whatever I’m looking for is looking for me,” says Max Tucci. In 2013, he and his partner, Keith Backer, were in the market to buy a home in Boulder, Colorado. Keith’s daughter was living there and found a