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It’s 2020 and there’s no doubt that this is the year of Linux on the desktop. That’s the running joke among the Linux community, but the

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Linux FormatLeitura de 1 minsComputers
Lights, Camera... Press F12!
Ultimately, you’re probably going to want to render the finished product so that you can show it to people. If you hit F12, the current scene will be rendered into a new window. The first problem you’re likely to encounter is that the framing won’t m
Linux FormatLeitura de 1 minsComputers
Multi-device/multi-room Sync
For multi-device sync, repeat the setup stages we described above for each extra device. You can flash the same image from earlier if you’re using the same model of Raspberry Pi. With the same Bluetooth device connected as mentioned earlier, music ca
Linux FormatLeitura de 1 minsTechnology & Engineering
Operational Amplifiers
An operational amplifier wants to have a voltage difference of zero between inverting and non-inverting input. Inputs being inputs, the OpAmp can’t affect the voltages present. Instead, it modifies the output and hopes that a feedback circuit supplie