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In April 2014 Windows XP, loved by some, a thorn in the side of others, went End of Life (EOL). There would be no more bug fixes, and no more security updates.

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Working With Poppler-utils
While we’ve discussed a number of different utilities to manipulate PDF files in different ways, your Linux distribution has still more tools to offer, for still more operations. The poppler-utils package is a collection of tools built on Poppler’s l
Linux FormatLeitura de 10 minsComputers
Getting To Grips With Docker
This month’s tutorial will hopefully show you that Docker is nothing to be afraid of, and once it’s installed you can start doing some cool stuff using just a handful of commands. You can use it for hosting your own servers, but it’s also handy for q
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Platform And Hardware Support
As with all niche software, their popularity doesn’t always result in the latest version being made available in the software repositories of most popular desktop distros. With the exception of SkyCharts, all the other applications are available in t