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If you want to see some of these circuits working in actual hardware – a 4-bit adder would be a good choice because

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Important Notice!
DEFECTIVE DISCS: For basic help on running the disc or in the unlikely event of your Linux Format coverdisc being in any way defective, please visit our support site at Unfortunately, we’re unable to offer advice on us
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Spotting A Pet In TV And Films
The iconic shape of the Commodore PET is hard to miss and this shape has adorned our desks since 1977, but it has also popped up in films and TV shows over the years. In the 1980s if you wanted a computer for set dressing, the PET was a cheap and ico
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Visualising In Grafana
The quickest way to start using Grafana is by downloading and executing its official Docker image. This means that apart from the Docker image, you won’t need to download, set up or install anything else for Grafana to work. However, you’ll still nee