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Usability and performance

This Roundup includes operating systems that are called ‘alternative’ for a reason. They are unlike your everyday desktop distro and in fact it’ll be unreasonable to expect them to look, feel and behave like other mainstream OSes as well.

Many of them are also in the nascent stages of development, despite the fact that developers have been working on some of them for over a decade. The early development stage is a reflection of the OSes’ unstable base, which will have a direct impact on their usability and performance.

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Ongoing Development
Maxim Levitsky (Red Hat) posted a patch titled “RFC: Precise TSC migration” that led to discussions on how KVM (the Kernel Virtual Machine hypervisor built into Linux) should handle Time Stamp Counter (TSC) synchronisation between guest and host, and
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Looking Forward
“ There are many things about 2020 that will go down in the history books. Activities that we used to take for granted were upended in an instant. There was much sadness, yet also optimism about what can happen when we come together, and about how we
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Linux Format
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