Help wanted: tonearm reviewer

Dear Editor;

As always, I enjoyed reading Mr. Dudley’s column, this time on the Wand tonearm (which sounds like something I’d like to have). But I felt compelled to write as I read of Art’s struggles with the Wand lying on its back, rolling about helplessly. I have to ask, where was the Plasticine? The Silly Putty? The Blu Tack? Surely, all that was needed to have the tonearm hold still was a few gobs of stuff. Of course, no one likes an armchair quarterback, but still!

—Chris Hermansen, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Dizzying digital

Dear Editor,

I am beginning to see the wisdom in going full vinyl in the next phase of my life as a lover of music. I’ve had it up to here with DACs, streaming services, and anything else that the sinister world of digital audio throws at us.

Since going full streaming (by necessity, downsizing and decluttering),

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Description Solid-state, mono power amplifier. Input: 1 balanced (XLR). Output: 2 pair custom, gold-plated binding posts. Input impedance, balanced (20Hz–20kHz): 10k ohm. Output impedance: 0.0075 ohm. Gain: 31dB. Bandwidth: 0.3Hz to 350kHz, −3dB. Inp
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