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According to PwC’s , books are the only form of physical media whose sales are growing — and are expected to continue to grow. The big-box bookstores that dominated the retail chain in the 1990s may be contracting, but the ranks of independent bookshops are growing. All of which serves.

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After a year like 2020, it’s tempting to throw up your hands, put your head down, and just focus on getting through the myriad difficulties of the day. But to survive for the long term, you have to lift your sights and try to see through the haze of
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Boycotts Unsettle Boards
In this partisan era, companies can find themselves targeted by boycotts from either end of the political spectrum. And it’s during high-profile crises of brand identity that board members can truly prove their worth, imparting insight to executives
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Sustaining Covid-era Urgency For The Long Run
It’s easy to forget that before COVID-19, the global business environment was thorny at best. Companies faced hard questions about how to deal with climate change and technological disruption. Demographic shifts, political polarization, and upskillin