The gals who participate in the Re-belle Rally challenge themselves to ditch their cell phones, their laptops, their GPS’s. With only a map and a compass to guide them, they go off-road for 10 days of grueling navigational competition.

I competed in last year’s 1,600 mile Rebelle Rally as part of Team Free Range Dames. I drove a customized ’12 Toyota Tacoma

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Setting out to drive 40,000 miles from Alaska to Argentina wasn’t nearly as hard as I’d expected. All I had to do was jump into the driver’s seat and hit the road. I’d dreamed and planned for so long that leaving was actually anticlimactic. For the
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Quickly and easily turn your Pike Roof Top Tent into a two-story backcountry “condo” with the Pike Annex Room. The Annex easily attaches to the Pike tent’s extended floor and provides extra space for cooking, storing camping gear or changing clothes.
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Time started to slow as we sank into the Scottish Highlands. Etive Road, near Glencoe, gave us a splendid camping spot for the night. Instead of leaping off my bike—saddle sore, itching to stretch my legs—I emerged fresh after a couple of hundred tru