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PETER PERRETT’S sudden, miraculous reappearance, back in 2017, with his first solo album proper, How The West Was Won, was one of the more surprising returns of recent times. He’d long stood, in popular music’s mythology, for peak ’70s excess – taking and selling drugs, addictive personality, wasted talent, decades of apparent non-achievement. It was particularly hard to take for fans given Perrett’s singular songwriting genius. His legend rests on the three albums he

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Melody by Serge Gainsbourg
“I THINK I called him Serge Bourguignon,” says Jane Birkin, recalling her first meeting with Gainsbourg on the set of the film Slogan in 1968. “He was quite vexed that I didn’t know who he was, so not long after that he gave me a book called Chansons
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Fu’ Fighters
I AN MACKAYE: “Dave Grohl grew up in Washington, and he was in this band Mission Impossible. I remember people telling me, ‘You gotta see Mission Impossible, the drummer is incredible.’ I saw their second or third show and it was mind-blowing, what h
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Marking His Time
NOTHING stirs Graham Nash into action quite like politics. Ahead of last November’s presidential election, the campaigning CSNY legend released a new song, “Vote”, urging the US public to throw their weight behind Joe Biden. “I just thought it was re