The American Scholar

Alone, Together

In the early 1990s, sociologist Ray Oldenburg coined the term “third place” to describe public spaces, separate from our homes and workplaces, where people intentionally meet and socialize. These include

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My brother William, 10 years old to my 13, visibly shook in the big feather bed and gave me his famous zombie gaze; he had a way of somehow flattening his face so that his dark brown eyes, science-fictionally wet at all times, nailed you—a look of di
The American ScholarLeitura de 24 mins
Guardian Of The Glaciers
Formed of a living god, Himālaya, supremeRaja of the Mountains, rises in the northand bathing in the western and the eastern oceansstretches out like a rod that could measure the earth. — Kālidāsa (translated from the Sanskrit by Hank Heifetz) HUM
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Stitches in Time
INSOFAR AS RELIGION CONCERNS a theory of an afterlife—and let’s face it, anything else amounts to philosophy—I lost what remained of my religious faith when I inherited my mother’s needlepoint purse. The purse is what we used to call a clutch. I reme