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Andy Shauf

“I’m always looking for something different,” says singer, songwriter, guitarist, pianist, drummer and clarinetist Andy Shauf. “My hands want to go C to G to A minor and F, but instead if you think about it melodically there are so many ways you can go. Follow the melody and look at the chords later.”

Over the past decade the Canadian artist has built up a reputation with award-nominated albums such as 2016’s eclectic and, the year before, . The latter features his signature tune, the dark, eight-minute murder ballad , and demonstrates his skills as a storyteller and multi-instrumentalist. Shauf plays all the instruments on his superb new record , a warmly down-home concept album that channel The Beatles, Paul Simon and Joni Mitchell, with hip echoes of Beck and the late Elliott Smith.

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“It’s so unusual-sounding with really interesting dynamics. In the choruses there are these close clusters, which are fifths with the ninth or second added, that Don [Airey, keyboards] and I are playing together. That’s one of the signature things we
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At A Glance
BODY: Mahogany with AAA flame maple veneer NECK: Mahogany with Asymmetrical Slim Taper profile, 12” radius SCALE: 628mm (24.72”) FINGERBOARD: Ebony FRETS: 22 PICKUPS: 2x Fluence Custom Voiced Humbuckers CONTROLS: 1 x volume with push/pull, 1 x
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Fourth-finger Workout
Guitarists often complain that their pinkie finger feels weak and difficult to control. For most players this crucial digit lags behind the other fingers in terms of strength and dexterity. If this sounds like you then take a look at these exercises