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Auckland punk’s passion project

When we pick the bands to feature in these pages, the decision – like everything in this venerable mag – ultimately comes down to: ‘Does it make us want to play guitar?’. NZ punk’s Miss June make us not only want to play, but form a band and tour the world fighting injustice with eviscerating, white-hot riffs.

“It’s the ability to be fucking loud,” states frontwoman Annabel Liddell, when we ask

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Hollowbody guitars are lively beasts by nature. They're louder than their solidbody brethren and this makes them susceptible to feedback at high volume. Try out our tips and beat the noise. Billy Duffy and Jack White stuffed their guitars with foam
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Open-mic Songbook The 1975 Me And You Together Song
Me And You Together Song features on The 1975’s fourth album Notes On A Conditional Form released earlier this year. The track features simple yet effective guitar work courtesy of singer/guitarist Matty Healy and lead guitarist Adam Hann. The result