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Design, in general, is a strange concept to get your head around. It relies on so many abstract components and it’s so difficult to decide objectively if it’s ‘good’ or ‘bad’ – or maybe it’s just difficult for me. I have sat with my peers in many is not about! I’m proud of this issue, which is my last as editor, and proud of the journey I’ve travelled over the past three and half years with this brand. I have decided to explore other creative avenues. And going back to my first point above, we might not have single-handedly revolutionised i d gn, or fixed the design community’s problems, but this much I know: my time at , my team and I tackled design head on and consistently produced editorial that is plugged-in, modern, dynamic, engaged and totally beautiful. Yes, beautiful. And that’s also enough! At least for me.

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House and LeisureLeitura de 4 mins
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House and LeisureLeitura de 1 mins
House and Leisure
Editor Charl Edwards Art Editor Gemma Bedforth Style Editor Storm Ross Managing Editor Ann Ellis Brown Digital Editor Yolande Botha