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easure your drag in real time, and figure out how to make yourself faster by changing your gear and riding position. The Konect mounts quickly and easily to your handlebars and pairs

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Stopping Ultraviolet Light
Blocking ultraviolet radiation (UV) keeps your eyes healthy. Being of higher energy and shorter wavelength than visible light (and longer wavelength and lower energy than X-rays), ultraviolet radiation is invisible to the human eye and is characteriz
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I Can See Clearly Now
Most sunglass reviews address fit, feel, and looks, but what about function? How effective are various sunglasses at providing a clear view without distortion while blocking UV light? Here, I put 33 glasses to two tests. Decades ago, an Oakley repres
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Men’s gravel
RIDER Xavier Melendez is Boulder Gravel. Or, at least, he is BLDR GRVL on Instagram. The longtime rider is co-founder and COO of the boutique creative agency Sweet Sadie. HELMET A 200g lid with plenty of ventilation, accommodation to hold your sungla