What Hi-Fi?

NAD D 3020 V2

number of rules when it released the original D 3020 amplifier. If using Class D amplification wasn’t enough of a thumb to the nose to traditional designs, its chassis looked positively futuristic, standing upright with dimensions wildly unbefitting of ‘proper’ hi-fi. The D 3020 was unlike anything else on the market, and

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View offers whf.cm/BBHifiSystems Best turntable system, Awards 2019 An impressive all-in-one system with a level of functionality that’s difficult to replicate in individual separates for a similar price. Speed 33½, 45rpm Inputs Line-in, BT Outputs L
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Stereo Speakers
View offers whf.cm/BBHifiSpeakers March 2018 A small speaker that inherits all the Spektor 2’s good traits, pumping out an energetic and entertaining sound for an affordable price. Size (hwd) 24 x 14 x 20cm Bi-wire No Finishes 2 Best standmount speak
What Hi-Fi?Leitura de 6 minsComputers
Linn Majik DSM
At the risk of sounding like an aunt greeting her nephew after a lengthy absence, oh boy, hasn’t streaming grown? That thought comes to mind as we scan the all-inclusive specification of the new Linn Majik DSM. Ten years ago, we called the original M