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have left home, but that’s OK. As my husband Jimmy and I have Jack to cuddle, we are never lonely. In fact, since the kids’ departure to university, our love of our scruffy collie cross has ramped up to obsessional levels.

‘On your very worst day, you’re still a hero to your dog – the person they most want to be with’

Are we trying to fill the void? No, of course not! That would be rather sad and pathetic. It’s just that,

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Loves & Hates
Massages  I’d go for one every day if I could. It’s one of the best gifts you can give yourself. Running It’s my meditation time, when I can clear my mind and think about the day. My tardiness  l used to get upset when I’d be late to drop my girls
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Sleep Enhancers
Calm Sleep Stories (free for Apple/iOS; Android). Well-known people like Joanna Lumley, Stephen Fry and Leona Lewis narrate calming tales to help you nod off.  This Bluetooth mask blocks out light and plays music through the integrated earphones. Wi
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Courage, Darling, Courage
Mom, I think I’m really ill.” With these words my family’s journey with Covid-19 started. A week of celebrations with friends from all over the world had culminated in a joyous wedding the day before, and the newly-weds had set off on honeymoon. My